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Inspiration to create - My photography secrets

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

I absolutely love researching photoshoot ideas, going through newborn and maternity photographs, examining them and admiring the skill it has taken to execute something so stunning. I draw my inspiration from so many things around me, the light during different times of the day, interiors of certain stores, combination of textures and materials and tones and colours of flowers and home accessories, baby and maternity clothing...

Here I have drown inspiration from the colours of these flowers and I wanted the tones to reflect to the design of my portfolio and the setup of the newborn and maternity photoshoots. I love the whites, soft natural tones, blush delicate pinks and peach tones, lovely light greys and natural beige tones, its very natural and soft. In my opinion, these tones bring out the freshness and delicateness of a newborn and the intimacy and calmness of a mum-to-be. These are the colours I gravitate towards when designing a session.

I also get inspired by the commitment and dedication of others, especially those capturing tiny delicate newborns as a full time job. The skill it takes to, not only handle the delicate creatures, but to plan and execute the sessions, which are run by these little newborn's schedule and moods. It’s not an easy job by any means!! One of my inspirations is a fellow Finn, a newborn photographer, Krista Pekkala ( based in the beautiful city of Oulu, Finland. Her stunning newborn and maternity photography has that pure and natural feel to it, beautiful tones and simple setup.

I call this style "Scandinavian Simplicity", it is the style I just adore; simple, clean, fresh, bright and light.

This is the style I have in back of my mind every time I plan a photoshoot and I want to stay true to my style, it is so timeless, that most people will always love it. Whether your final photograph is in black and white or colour - it will still translate the same style and feel.

Getting inspired is the key to producing the images you had envisaged and that is why I create a mood board for my clients beforehand to get them inspired as well. I want my clients to see what is the look and feel I have in mind for their session after our initial consultation. Mood board or Inspiration board helps the client to plan outfits and have an idea of the style their photographs will have. In my next blog I will write all about how I plan a photoshoot.

Inspiration is a beautiful thing, it will motivate you to learn, research, practice. Inspiration will make you feel happy! Look for it, embrace it, love it.


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