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Autumn Photography

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

What a treat we have upon us - autumn - nature's colour show! What's not to love about autumn... the beautiful warm colours, the crispy sunny mornings and cold clear blue skies during the evenings. Time to dig out that cozy jumper, get your scarf and mittens out, make a cup of tea and head to the park. It is nature's treat before the cold winter. Autumn is, hands down, my favourite season and I want to dedicate this autumn to my outdoor photography.

There will be some really nice photoshoots coming up. I'm currently planning a maternity and family sessions in the beautiful Battersea Park in London. I went there to scout some spots for the upcoming sessions and did a mini shoot with the kids. The autumn colours were not quite there yet but the mid morning sun was just perfect.

I cannot wait for final the symphony of autumn - the really deep red tones, rich and beautiful oranges and soft brown colours - soon they will appear.

In these photos you will still see the strong greens, gentle yellows and amazing reds. These colours create simply captivating autumn photographs. Morning or late afternoon sun is the best time to head out with the camera.

The beautiful light gives these images the added warmth and a natural gentle touch. Enhancing the contrast in post-processing; these photos will have the additional strength and make more of a statement. I wanted to find colours elsewhere as well, not only in the nature's settings. Little bench with red details or a band stand with strong colours and shapes will delivered a stronger message. Notice the amazing shadows the fencing creates.

If you are planning a photoshoot in the autumn colours; think about the clothing you and your family will be wearing. Think about a colour palette and stick with it, whatever you and your family chooses to wear - be comfortable! If someone is not happy with their outfit, it will show through.

Jeans and denim goes beautifully with greys, soft creams, off whites and blues. If you choose i.e mustard or red coloured item, make sure everyone or at least two members wear something in that colour. Autumn is about cozy jumpers, chunky knits and layers and those look amazing in autumn photos!

Autumn photography is an opportunity to let kids be kids and capture that happiness and genuine joy of running around. These little friends are perfect subjects for "adventures are best shared with friends".

I like doing sessions like this, children can have fun and I can capture that excitement through my lens for parents and grandparents to cherish! What you do need to remember is to keep the shutter speed high up!!!

The post-processing of photographs is something I love doing. It allows me to show my artistic side. Sometimes I just like a very light edit on an image, another time I love to explore the enhancement capabilities of a photograph. Little bit of post-processing gave these images the matte effect which still complements the colours and transformed the images into something special .

While planning a photoshoot with kids - always bring snacks! Extra energy is sometimes needed and the snack times - these less posed, candid moments create more natural photographs with genuine expressions.

To finalise this short and sweet blog this time is a "friendly cuddle" - Happy October everyone!

Have a look at my Autumn Mini Photoshoot offer on my website :

Next time I will continue with the autumn theme and write about my upcoming Battersea Park photoshoots! Until then - Enjoy this amazing season of autumn colours, pumpkins and hot chocolates!

Autumn Photography - Marianne Haggstrom Photography - Battersea, London. SW11

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