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Beautiful Autumn gives way to Christmas sparkles

The leaves are starting to fall and it’s time to get mentally prepared for Christmas. Hooray!!!

It's only month and half until Christmas and I couldn't be more excited! Spoiler alert - My tree goes up in less than two weeks!!! (will be explained later)

I have been so lucky to have a chance to create some gorgeous autumn family images for my lovely clients. We have explored Cannizaro gardens in Wimbledon during peaceful maternity session and then again during very special family photoshoot. We have been so lucky with stunning weather which has complemented the images and created beautiful shadows and light.

The mum-to-be I photographed was so serene and, as you can see, absolutely stunning. Her smile made the photographs shine. Her little boy overcame his shyness and we captured some adorable happy images of him. He was such a little super trooper. I cannot wait to meet their new addition to the family and capture those amazing tiny features.

During another relaxing and sweet family session I had the absolute pleasure to photograph this little gorgeous girl and her beautiful big sister with mum and dad. When someone has eyes as captivating as she does - it's a photographer's dream!

Gorgeous big sister charmed with her blond curls and gentle smile. Loved photographing these two!

Photographing children, at any age, is truly rewarding. When I manage to capture the essence of a child, their true nature and expressions, I feel I produced a genuine keepsake for the parents.

We all cherish images of our children so when I can give a unique photograph to a mum or a dad - I feel I've given them forever memory.

My autumn family photoshoot extravaganza has taken us wandering around Battersea park searching for beautiful colours and autumn settings as well as exploring some soft lights on Wandsworth common.

I have loved creating these seasonal photo collections of happy families, some soon to-be-new-mums and families with energetic toddlers and preschoolers.

Letting children be children will give you the chance to freeze a moment and capture a gem! I feel blessed to be able to capture children's happy smiles, sweet expressions, playfulness and natural curiosity.

This family photo session in Battersea park was full of speed and cheekiness. This stunning family came colour coordinated and ready for action. Some of my latest portfolio shots were produced during this session. Sometimes everything just works. Rain moved over and sun came out, children were very happy to play and participate and parents had patience. What more can you ask for??!

Editing was fun as I was able to produce some unique images in matte effect which complemented the more natural style, requested by the parents.

I've learned that key to any successful photoshoot is detailed planning, open communication and positive attitude with a bag full of patience.

Changing light is now and again a challenge during outdoor photoshoots but I was geared up with a speed light and superb Sigma lens. My speed light, best Christmas present ever last year from my dear father-in-law, is a brilliant addition for my outdoor photoshoots. It helped me alot during this session to fill in the shadows and give that extra sparkle, add light where needed but still keep the background colours alive.

My new Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art is an absolute dream. The smooth blurred background and the sharpness created some stunning shots during this Wandsworth common family photoshoot. Wide aperture of the lens allows to shoot in difficult lighting situations, indoor or out.

This beautiful family came geared up with matching mummy & daughter bobble hats and very dapper looking father and son. They had an attitude of positivity and smiles. My job was easy!

Again - the Sigma lens produced the sharpness in the little girl's eyes and stunning blur in the background. One of the proudest moments when I saw this image on the computer and once I knew the parents loved the image as well.

We have been amazingly lucky with the gorgeous autumn here in London and I still have couple of autumn photoshoot before it is full on with Christmas!

Yes, I said it - Christmas!!! Leaves haven't even fallen yet and all my focus in on Christmas photoshoots. This is the reason why my Christmas tree will go up sooner than any of the neighbours! My lights will be blinking and candles lite up. Before I can fully dive into designing my sessions for the holiday season, I do have something exciting coming along...

First time ever I am taking part in a Christmas Fair - Shopping Event at our local school this week on the 15th of November. It's amazing chance to showcase my work, talk about the upcoming holiday photoshoot offers and, obviously, taking part gives support to our local Honeywell school. I couldn't be more excited about it! It will be a fun evening!

And that kick starts Christmas for me! My tree will be ready to create some magical family and child photos this holiday season. Yesterday I published my offers which are very affordable and give anyone a chance to have their child captured in all that sparkle. Bookings are coming in and if all goes well I will extended the dates of the photoshoots.

Christmas Mini session is meant for a child or siblings to be photographed in a Christmassy setting. It will be relaxing and comfortable, hence I've reserved more time than may be needed just to make sure the little ones are happy and relaxed. I recommend children to come with a favourite Christmas book or soft toy and bring some personal ornaments to hang on the tree.

Marianne Haggstrom Photography - Child Portrait - Christmas Mini Session - SW11 Battersea London

Christmas Family - Family package allows whole family to participate, have a little Christmas tree decoration session with their own ornaments, read that special Christmas story and produce memory of Christmas 2018 to cherish for years. It's a mix of portraits and lifestyle photographs.

Marianne Haggstrom Photography - Child Portrait - Christmas Family Session - SW11 Battersea London

Move over Autumn, it's time start Magical Christmas! I am very much looking forward to the final months of 2018 with some exciting photoshoots and happy clients.

Hope some of my dear readers, all you Christmas dreamers, have a chance to pop in at the Honeywell School Christmas Shopping event, 15th of November, at 7:30pm. Hope to see you there!

x x x
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