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Thank you 2018 - My photography review

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Thank you 2018 - What a year it has been! It's time to reflect and plan what to achieve during 2019.

I cannot be more grateful for 2018 - so much to be thankful for. I am taking this opportunity to show my appreciation to all the beautiful, supportive people out there who have made my 2018 amazing.

I also wanted to look back at my work and do a little collection of, what I think, were my best images of 2018. There were so many so it was hard to choose...

This little pink bundle of love was one of the beautiful December babies I had an opportunity to photograph.

Saying "Thank You" to the ones supporting me -

I really want to thank my partner - I am forever thankful for the commitment and faith he has shown to my passion and dream. He has given so much of his time for me to be able to do what I love during the past year. It is the reinforcement and strength I needed and he was there.

I want to thank my friends for the support they have given me, I am so very grateful! You have cheered me on when I needed you to. Your encouraging words gave me faith in myself. You gave me courage!

Addition to family and friends - there are the photography communities and associations such as Guild of Photographers, Societies of Photographers and my wonderful support network from Institute of Photography who have guided and provided amazing, valued advice and support - Thank you so very much!

Most importantly there are those who trusted me to capture that special photo, they had the confidence in me and my work - I am massively thankful for my lovely clients! Without you I would not have been able to do this and I wouldn't have all these images to show for and be proud of!

Biggest Thank You to all you wonderful, supportive people!

It’s hard re-inventing yourself and start something new from scratch, take that leap and follow your dream - it takes patience, persistence and courage and without my people around me I would not have been able to do it.

December babies are God's little Christmas presents! I am so lucky I had the opportunity to photograph my best friend's adorable and special baby girl.

She was a little Christmas miracle we all have been waiting for!

Truth to be told I found all of this very challenging and slightly stressful, not only to juggle with everything else in life (family, newborn, toddler, life....) and my day job, but to learn the craft, especially the genre of newborn photography. It is much harder than I ever thought it would be.

Thanks to the industry super stars such as Kelly Brown who has provided priceless workshops, via her own website and via Creative Live, for me learn from.

It will take years to master the newborn photography, as I have learned, but I am up for the challenge. Roll on 2019 !!

Re-inventing yourself is hard.

There are those who do not think you can do it, those who belittle it and those who criticises all of it. It is all part of it, unfortunately. As in any industry. Same goes with how you see yourself against your peers. You will always compare yourself to others, you compare your work with others and you will always forget that the “others” may have been doing it for years, decades even. Again - same as in any industry.

All you can do is believe in yourself, learn, develop and have faith! Do what you love and trust that with experience and practice - you will achieve your dream! Surround yourself with positivity.

My New Year's resolution
  • Learn from the professionals who have conquered the greatness

  • Do not compare my achievement, milestones and work with others

  • Learn something new and relevant before every photoshoot

  • Value my own time and effort it takes to produce the images

  • Have faith, Stay positive and Trust your skills

Finally - what will 2019 bring? What are the milestones to achieve? What are the mountains to climb?

I think year 2019 will be a big year of change. Even if it will be during the wee hours of the early mornings when the house is silent, I will study and learn. I will focus on developing my craft and making sure each of my clients will have a gem to take home to. Year 2019 will be a big year for me.

I want to wish all my lovely readers, you beautiful dreamers; Happy New Year 2019!

Love, Marianne xx

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