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Baby Milestones & Big Year - Life of a photographer

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

What a year it has been!!!!!! My own, mini me, little Ava turns one in early September. In the honour of my tiny muse I wanted to share a little dreamy white, gorgeously bright and airy Baby Milestone photo session and reflect on the passing year. It's been a big one for us both.

She was September baby and in my sleep deprived wisdom, when she was only 24 days old, I decided to start a Diploma in Photography course with the Institute of Photography . It was a lovely number of almost 80 modules but thankfully to be completed in your own time.

I thought "Why not?!" - I would have plenty of time to study during the night when I was up with her. Most of my studying was definitely done during the wee hours of the night. I love the newborn stage (call me nuts !) so I didn't mind the sleepless nights. It was a special bonding time while reading all about aperture, shutter speed, composition, lighting and many other topics. I needed to use my time wisely as I have a toddler as well so coordinations took a little bit of an effort.

Well, I did it! Year on, all the challenges with my gorgeous tiny one, including the fact that we are still up every single night but I have received my certificate! Some would have do it in a less of time but I am proud of myself.

The course and the support the tutors and other students have given to me has been and still is outstanding. I have made amazing friends throughout the course, who still help, advice, motivate and support me. I cannot rave about them enough. Big thank you to you all!

I loved doing the photo assignments and learned so much along the way from the feedback they’ve given. The first module of the course got me out of Auto mode and into Manual and I've never gone back.

Year has been manic to say the least. I would not have thought I would be here writing my own blog and having started my own photography business - knowing my journey is only in the beginning.

Institute of Photography definitely provided me with the tools and courage to give it a go.

Addition to learning about technical side of photography, it has been a year of searching for my personal style. What type of images inspire me, what it is I love about in a single photo and why. I think it does takes years to really find your own style and master the skills it takes to produce technically "the perfect" image but I am on my way! I will work hard and explore!

Best thing about my photography it not only to give my clients the keepsake images but to have my own little charmers captured in the style I love.

Our Mini Me session aimed to capture my fair haired little Ava in all her innocence and all her cheekiness. I wanted to capture her lovely personality in these photos as well as celebrate the beauty of a baby. She is still in that lovely age where she likes photos to be taken of her. Camera still seems interesting to her and she gives me the cutests smiles without much effort.

Moving forward, with my photography, I wish to give my clients these special milestone photos to remember their super troopers during these early years. Photographing children is special at any age but after the newborn phase (5-10 days old) I would recommend booking a session when the baby is hitting their big milestone, such as sitting or when they are close to 12 months. After that toddlers are amazingly fun to photograph at any age!

Here are some of our photos from Ava's Milestones session

Milestone sessions will capture the child's uniqueness and innocence in a delicately simple way.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Andy Warhol

I will capture the moment to remember it years from now.


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