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From a Dreamer to a Doer - Life of a Photographer

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Welcome dear reader, my fellow dreamer !

I am so exited you’ve found my photography website and the fact that you are reading my very first blog post. I am nervous and excited!

Decision to take the leap...

The moment you decide you are going to make your dream a reality, start something new, take a risk and put yourself out there - it is exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time. You will question yourself over and over again but your desire to achieve is stronger than self doubt.

When you hear that little voice saying -

“ you will not achieve, if you do not try” - that is the moment to commit and try!

That is THE moment, time to start, time to begin to build something of your own, to create something unique and personal.

Well, here I am - writing my first blog, deciding to build something beautiful and creative, transforming myself from a dreamer to a doer! I have taken the leap into newborn photography, long term dream of mine. I will be honest and realistic - it will be a lot of hard work and highs and lows, but so exciting at the same time.

I love the creativeness of photography and chance to produce a keep sake, treasured memory for someone. That is the goal - every time I plan and design the session for a client -

Goal is to create memorable experience for them and produce special delicately beautiful collection of images.

I will only be happy if I can see that my clients love what they get out of my sessions.

My journey, as a newborn photographer, and this blog are just in the beginning of what will be an exciting, personal and truly special experience. I want my blog to bring you insight into my journey as a newborn and family photographer, what it takes to create photography session and all the little secrets, tips and tricks I will learn throughout this journey.

Thank you for joining in! Truly means a lot to me.

Newborn Photographer Blog | Marianne Haggstrom | London

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