Successful child & family portrait photoshoot

Christmas Mini and Family photoshoots are in preparation and soon I will have my Christmas scene set up and ready to go. There will be a lot of planning and preparation that goes in to my sessions. Good communication with my clients, planning around 'must-have' shots and making sure everyone feels at ease about the upcoming photoshoot is part of a rewarding experience.

My Client Welcome Guide writes that "We all play part in a successful photoshoots" - everyone should fill their bags with positivity, smiles and patience as those are the key ingredient for a happy shoot. My newly designed Christmas Client Welcome Guide helps my clients preparing for their shoot, it contains a lot of of helpful info delivered with sparkle.

I've come to realise that the key to successful photoshoots is positivity and genuine desire to want to be photographed!

During a child portrait photoshoot parents play an important part. I think if parents stay happy and smiley and build the session up to be fun and exciting, something special - the child will feel more at ease. If the photosession feels like something daunting and stressful, not only does it show in the photographs, but the children will not want to participate. Making sure everyone wants to be there and the session is surrounded with positivity - the atmosphere translates well into the photographs.

Finding a genuine way of making a child smile and laugh is important. I try my very best to get genuine happiness out of a child but sometimes it is helpful and needed for parents to assist.

Here is an example of "development of smiles and laughter". My son was not feeling like posing for me yet again and this is how it started. He couldn't be less interested! The light was gorgeous during the late afternoon and I liked what he wore so I really wanted to capture this moment. Bribery did not work!

Then came two sticks and dad behind me and this happened. I was able to guide and direct a happy laughing child. You can see the development of smiles and laughter in this set of photographs.